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About Us

The Regina Diving Club is a nationally ranked organization that is parent-directed and in operation since 1989. Since that time, the Regina Diving Club introduced thousands of children to the sport of diving. The club offers programs both recreational and competitive in nature. Our club typically has over 100 members, including our Learn to Dive students.


The members of our team take pride in striving to achieve their many goals. Some of these accomplishments have included winning National medals, representing Canada as a member of the Junior National Teams, and receiving University scholarships in the United States. We believe a good work ethic starts in school. The athletes of our club are particularly proud of their high-grade point averages. When an athlete continues to perform well on big exams, they develop a level of confidence that is truly amazing. We view the Learn to Dive program as being very important.


The Regina Diving Club is always looking for children (and adults!) from the ages of 5+ who want to strive for personal excellence or simply just have fun in our various programs. If you are interested in joining one of Canada’s premier diving clubs, please contact

Our Goals

1. To develop and maintain technical programs that will allow all athletes to fully realize their potential.

2. To develop, support and maintain qualified coaches sufficient to provide a full range of Club programs.

3. To develop, support and maintain a recruitment system to ensure a consistent succession of competitive athletes and coaches.

4. To generate revenue that will enable the Club to maintain and upgrade equipment, and support the club financially as needed.

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