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And the 2016 Nationals results are in!


Small group, BIG impact.  Kelsey Clairmont and Chelsey Dorosh were our sole competitors at Junior Development Nationals this year with Bjorn Markentin, Alyssa Clairmont, Paige McKenzie and Sophie Daschuk competing at the Junior Elite Nationals.  Fierce competition and excellent diving are what you would expect from nationals.  And there was nothing but!


Congratulations to Bjorn for taking home a Bronze medal in 3M!  Absolutely amazing event, well done!


Our athletes dove very well.  We are all proud of Chelsey; first time at nationals is always difficult.  Guarenteed, we will see more of her in future years, all on the podium I am sure!


See our athletes results to your right.  Click here for all JD results and here for JE results.


Jana Klein chosen for Women in Coaching Apprenticeship for 2017 Canada Games



Dive Sask is proud to announce that Jana Klein of the Regina Diving Club has been chosen as one of only two Women in Coaching Apprenticeship Coaches for the 2017 Canada Games.


The Women in Coaching program is a partnership between the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (Coaches Assoc of Sask), the Canada Games Council, and the Coaching Association of Canada. This program provides the opportunity for each Province and Territory to send 2 female coaches to the Canada Games in apprenticeship roles.   The purpose of this program is to develop more female coaches in key sporting and leadership roles within our province, and Dive Sask believes that Jana embodies all of the qualities that make a great coach and a successful leader.  Jana will work closely with the Dive Sask High Performance Coaches Laura Desautels and Steve Carroll and with the potential Canada Games team in the 18 months leading up to the Games and will serve as one of the onsite Coaches in 2017.  Once again, Dive Sask has been recognized by the Saskatchewan Sports community as an organization that has leaders and programs worth investing in.  Congratulations Jana!



Speedo Junior Elite National Championships


Bjorn Markentin


3M -   448.50 (Bronze Medal)

1M -   350.00 (Finals - 7th)


Paige McKenzie

PLT -  213.65 (Finals - 12th)

3M -   292.20 (Prelims - 14th)

1M -   282.10 (Finals - 12th)

Alyssa Clairmont

PLT -  292.25 (Finals - 4th)

3M -   388.95 (Finals - 5th)

1M -   304.25 (Finals - 7th)


Sophie Daschuk

PLT -  273.10 (Finals - 9th)

3M -   317.55 (Finals - 10th)

1M -   295.30 (Finals - 9th)


Speedo Junior Development National Championships


Kelsey Clairmont

PLT -  259.05 (7th)

3M  -  276.75 (11th)

1M  -  249.10 (15th)


Chelsey Dorosh


3M  -  154.55 (21st)

1M  -  182.10 (18th)


2016 Polar Bear Classic


What a great weekend for all of our divers!  From A - E, we can be nothing but proud of every single diver that attended the Vaughn Baird Polar Bear Classic last weekend in Winnipeg.


Even though mother nature decided to keep in town for an extra day, it gave our divers some much needed rest after the fantastic meet.


Click HERE to see the results booklet.




Mens C

1M - Ethan Black - 193.10 (4th)
3M - Ethan Black - 229.80 (4th)

PLT - Ethan Black -177.80 (4th)

Mens D

1M - Aldrin Trinidad - 158.55 (5th)
3M - Aldrin Trinidad - 161.15 (7th)
Mens E

1M - Noah Green -  204.30 (1st)
         Alexander Potts - 184.50 (2nd)

3M - Noah Green - 193.80 (1st)

PLT - Noah Green - 207.00 (1st)

Womens A

1M - Joelle Gallais - 313.50 (8th)
         Jocelyn Gallais - 254.70 (9th)

PLT - Joelle Gallais - 327.10 (1st)
         Jocelyn Gallais - 299.60 (3rd)

Womens B

1M - Alyssa Clairmont - 326.25 (1st)

         Paige McKenzie - 273.75 (4th)

         Sophie Daschuk - 260.85 (6th)

3M - Alyssa Clairmont - 365.05 (1st)

         Paige McKenzie - 225.25 (2nd)

         Sophie Daschuk - 302.40 (4th)

PLT - Alyssa Clairmont - 315.00 (1st)

         Paige McKenzie - 244.70 (3rd)

         Sophie Daschuk - 234.85 (4th)

Womens C

1M - Anastassia Haidash - 234.55 (1st)

         Kelsey Clairmont - 227.80 (3rd)

         Fiona Hubick - 194.35 (6th)

3m - Kelsey Clairmont - 268.90 (1st)

PLT - Kelsey Clairmont - 256.35 (1st)

          Anastassia Haidash - 220.30 (3rd)

          Fiona Hubick - 199.00 (6th)

Womens D

1M - Chelsey Dorosh - 228.20 (1st)

         Mira Tanini - 175.95 (4th)

3M - Mira Tanini - 192.15 (3rd) 

         Chelsey Dorosh - 184.65 (4th)

PLT - Chelsey Dorosh - 162.30 (3rd)

Womens E

1M - Presley Deck - 236.70 (1st)

         Brooklyn Markusson - 226.80 (2nd)

         Nika Vuckovic - 220.50 (3rd)

         Lila Stewart - 220.50 (3rd)

3M - Presley Deck - 221.35 (1st)

         Lila Stewart - 210.90 (2nd)

         Brooklyn Markusson - 197.60 (3rd)

         Nika Vuckovic - 186.20 (4th)

PLT - Presley Deck - 218.00 (1st)

          Lila Stewart - 207.00 (2nd)

          Brooklyn Markusson - 205.00 (3rd)

Womens Open 3M Synchro

Alyssa Clairmont / Paige McKenzie - 216.30 (3rd)

Jocelyn Gallais / Joelle Gallais - 192.84 (5th)

Kelsey Clairmont / Anastassia Haidash - 157.56 (8th)

2016 Saskatchewan Winter Provincials



The results are in! And our athletes are ready to take the podium by storm!  Here are the results



2015 Regina Diving Club Awards



The Regina Diving Club is proud to announce the winners of this years recognition awards:


Top Male Diver  - Ethan Black

Top Female Diver - Alyssa Clairmont

Top Junior Diver  - Alyssa Clairmont

Most Improved Diver - Chelsea Dorosh

Most Dedicated Diver  - Mira Tanini

Most Promising DiverLila Stewart


Best Wipeout!!! - Eva Berkovska


Top Novice Male - Carter Green

Top Novice Female - Kayla McKenzie

Most Improved Novice - Brooke Pasternak


Top JD Female - Lila Stewart

Top JD MaleNoah Green

Most Improved JD AthleteBrooklyn Markusson

2015 DiveSask Award Winners



DiveSask is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Athlete Awards:


Top Tier 1 Athletes

Top A  - Markus Boehm

Top B  - Alyssa Clairmont and Jonah Cey

Top C  - Paige McKenzie and Rylan Wiens

Top D - Anastassia Haidash and Austen Guerrero-Bennett

Top E  - Presley Deck and Imari Wensel

Rookie of the Year - Ethan Black


Top Novice Athletes

Top A - Kayla McKenzie

Top B - Sarah McPhie

Top C - Mackenzie Schmidt

Top D - Carter Green


Club Awards

Novice Team - Regina Diving Club

Novice Coach - Lindsay Hamilton

Club of the Year Head Coach - Laura Desautels

Volunteer of  the Year - Regina Diving Club - Nicole Gallais

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