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Alberta Summer Provincials



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Toon Town Westerns



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Canadian Novice Nationals a great success!



Congratulations to all the divers that participated in the 2015 Novice Nationals here in Regina, the diving was exceptional! We hope the friendships made will last a lifetime!


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Regina Novice Diver Hits the News!



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Jesse Fischer

Taking a Great Leap in Victoria



Anastassia, Paige and Alyssa strive for the podium, and here are the results!


Anastassia Haidash - Group D - 1m - 5th -  188.10

                                                       3m - 3rd -  230.65

                                                       Plt - 3rd -   195.90

Paige McKenzie -        Group C - 1m - 9th -   249.60

                                                      3m - 10th - 251.55

                                                       Plt - 7th -   249.00

Alyssa Clairmont -      Group B - 1m - 7th-    319.85

                                                      3m - 10th - 323.95

                                                       Plt - 5th -   292.20



Speedo Junior Elite National Championships

Jocelyn Gallais

PLT -  224.05 - 18th (Prelims)

3M -   270.15 - 25th (Prelims)

1M -   257.80 - 23rd (Prelims)


Joelle Gallais

PLT -  224.20 - 17th (Prelims)

3M -   306.00 - 20th (Prelims)

1M -   287.70 - 22nd (Prelims)


Alyssa Clairmont

PLT -  290.45 - 5th (Finals)

3M -   307.25 - 19th (Prelims)

1M -   317.15 - 14th (Prelims)


Sophie Daschuk

PLT -  217.65 - 19th (Prelims)

3M -   DNC

1M -   DNC


Speedo Junior Development National Championships


Eva Berkovska


3M  -  DNC

1M  -  222.05 (18th)


Paige McKenzie

PLT -  244.40 (11th)

3M  -  265.85 (12th)

1M  -  250.70 (14th)


Ethan Black

PLT -  189.85  (8th)

3M  -   212.05 (13th)

1M  -  194.55 (11th)


Kelsey Clairmont

PLT -  181.20 (8th)

3M  -  229.60 (8th)

1M  -  211.70 (9th)


Anastassia Haidash

PLT -  188.85 (7th)

3M  -  230.20 (7th)

1M  -  217.20 (7th)


Regina Divers Rock Winnipeg



Another successful meet, and the divers were extraordinary!


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Regina Divers make the News!



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Joelle & Jocelyn Gallais


Paige McKenzie


Alyssa Clairmont


Saskatchewan Winter Provincials 2014



Another great weekend for Regina Divers!


Thank you to all our volunteers that helped us host another successful event here in Regina!  From tables, to hospitality, judges to the office staff, you all did an excellent job!  


Thank you all so much for your help, well done!


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2014 DiveSask Award Winners



DiveSask is proud to announce the winners of the 2014 Athlete Awards:


Top Tier 2 Athletes: Kyla Boechler, Dakota Summach, Blake Henderson, Brooke McPhie


Top Tier 1 Athletes:

Rookie of the Year:  Anastassia Haidash and Austen Guerrero-Bennett

Top E:  Erika Markentin and Imari Wensel

Top D:  Jordy McEachern and Austen Guerrero-Bennett

Top C:  Alyssa Clairmont and Rylan Wiens

Top B:  Micaiah Besler and Jonah Cey

Top A:  Madison Sthamann and Jayden Pantel

Top Seniors:  Madison Sthamann and Jayden Pantel

Jr. Coach of the Year:  Mary Carroll

Developmental Coach of the Year:  Yohan Lefol and Kayla McKenzie

Top Tier 2 Team:  Regina Diving Club

Top Age Group Team:  Saskatoon Diving Club

Club of the Year:  Saskatoon Diving Club, Head Coach Steve Carroll

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