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Two athletes, two bronze medals, two new Saskatchewan records!  Canada Games 2017 is in the history book and with it two new 10m Platform medal holders – Alyssa Clairmont from Regina and Rylan Wiens from Saskatoon.  It was a fantastic end to a great week, with 6 athletes in 10m finals. We would have had 7 but for the rule preventing more than 3 from a province competing in finals.  Both Alyssa and Rylan had to put some 9s and 9.5s in the water to clinch their medals – they fought to the very last dive and came out on the podium.  They also broke big records.  Rylan broke his own record set at Sr. Nationals – that record had previously belonged to Cole Miller since 2011.  Alyssa broke Joelle Gallais’ record which was set at Toon Town in May – that record was previously set by Lindsay Hamilton in 2006.  Amazing to see so many big records falling this year.  Congratulations to all of our Canada Games athletes, coaches, judges and manager on a job well done.

2017 Canada Summer Games


Congratulations to all Saskatchewan athletes that competed in Week 1 of the 2017 Canada Summer Games. Well Done!


The competition was fierce and the cheering was loud.  I am sure Winnipeg was ready to send the Saskatchewan cheerleaders home after the first event! There were times that we thought we were at Rider game.


Team Sask Diving competed and remained strong throughout 4 days of fierce competition.  Congratulations to Ryan Weins of Saskatoon Diving Club and Alyssa Clairmont of Regina Diving Club, each bringing home a Bronze Medal in the 10m Platform event, and setting new Saskatchewan Provincial records as well.


Here are the final results:

1m Mens   

Rylan Weins          12th     271.75   Finals

Jamie Spilchak     12th     284.50   Prelims

Bjorn Markentin   13th    283.00   Prelims

Jonah Cey               16th    266.10   Prelims


3m Mens   

Bjorn Markentin     7th     345.50   Finals

Rylan Weins             8th    338.70   Finals

Jamie Spilchak      16th    287.30   Prelims

Jonah Cey               17th    287.05   Prelims


10m Mens   

Rylan Weins           Bronze    385.60   Finals (New Provincial Record!)

Bjorn Markentin   10th         299.80   Finals

Jonah Cey               12th         264.05   Finals

Jamie Spilchak      12th         269.60   Prelims


3m Mens Synchro    

Jonah Cey/Bjorn Markentin    7th    289.08   Finals

Jamie Spilchak/Rylan Weins  8th    278.22   Finals


1m Womens   

Alyssa Clairmont        12th    197.00   Finals

Elizabeth DeCecco     14th    216.90   Prelims

Quinn Gariepy             17th    208.70   Prelims

Joelle Gallais               22nd   189.10   Prelims


3m Womens   

Alyssa Clairmont          6th    262.30   Finals

Elizabeth DeCecco    16th    233.05   Prelims

Quinn Gariepy             17th   231.50   Prelims

Joelle Gallais               24th   172.75   Prelims


10m Womens   

Alyssa Clairmont          Bronze     295.40   Finals (New Provincial Record!)

Joelle Gallais                 6th            257.35   Finals

Quinn Gariepy              11th          218.30   Finals

Elizabeth DeCecco     15th           210.10  Prelims


3m Womens Synchro   

Elizabeth DeCecco/ Quinn Gariepy      10th    224.67   Finals

Alyssa Clairmont/ Joelle Gallais            12th   203.04   Finals

McKenzie and her coach are on the same page 



Coming off a stellar performance at an international diving competition in Winnipeg in late January, 14-year-old Paige McKenzie is heading into the provincial championships with new-found confidence.


click here to see more!



Speedo Junior Elite National Championships


Bjorn Markentin

PLT -  458.90 (Finals - 4th)

3M -   446.50 (Finals - 8th)

1M -   389.15 (Finals - 9th)


Jocelyn Gallais

PLT -  279.16 (Prelims - 16th)

3M -   DNC

1M -   299.95 (Prelims - 21st)


Joelle Gallais

PLT -  348.70 (Finals - 7th)

3M -   DNC

1M -   289.40 (Prelims - 24th)


Alyssa Clairmont

PLT -  364.80 (Finals - 4th)

3M -   397.10 (Prelims - 13th)

1M -   394.04 (Finals - 7th)


Sophie Daschuk

PLT -  265.95 (Finals - 12th)

3M -   394.05 (Prelims - 14th)

1M -   319.40 (Prelims - 20th)


Paige McKenzie

PLT -  287.70 (Finals - 8th)

3M -   357.95 (Finals - 7th)

1M -   336.05 (Finals - 6th)


Alyssa Clairmont / Paige McKenzie

3M Synchro -  218.34 (8th)


Speedo Junior Development National Championships


Kelsey Clairmont

PLT -  277.45 (7th)

3M  -  356.25 (Bronze Medal)

1M  -  248.30 (17th)


Fiona Hubick

PLT -  217.35 (19th)

3M  -  239.85 (25th)

1M  -  251.55 (16th)


Mira Tanini


3M  -  228.05 (28th)

1M  -  208.90 (28th)


Brooklyn O'Day

PLT -  185.30 (10th)

3M  -  208.20 (11th)

1M  -  230.20 (7th)


Amelia Sharp

PLT -  169.90 (12th)

3M  -  208.35 (10th)

1M  -  222.10 (10th)


Lila Stewart


3M  -  218.55 (8th)

1M  -  219.55 (11th)


Preslet Deck


3M  -  193.40 (19th)

1M  -  212.60 (13th)


Brooklyn Markusson


3M  -  177.15 (21st)

1M  -  DNC

2016 DiveSask Awards



Congratulations to all the award winners.  Keep up the great work!


Top A Novice: Kayla McKenzie
Top B Novice: Sarah McPhie
Top C Novice: Jesse Fischer
Top A Female: Jocelyn Gallais
Top B Female: Alyssa Clairmont
Top C Female: Kelsey Clairmont
Top D Female: Chelsey Dorosh
Top E Female: Presley Deck

Top C Male: Ethan Black
Top D Male: Aldrin Trinidad
Top E Male: Noah Green
Top Novice Team: Regina Diving
Top Club: Regina Diving
Top Coach: Laura Desautels
Top Developmental Coach: Kieran Petty
Top Novice Coach: Kaitlyn Clark
Broken Records:
E Platform Female: Lila Stewart
E Platform Male: Alexander Potts
JD Bronze Medalists:
JD1: Audrey Probe, Noah Green, Alexander Potts, 
JD2: Brooklyn O'Day, Abigail Ounsworth, Claire Werner, Nika Vuckovic, Brooklyn Markusson
JD3: Amelia Sharp, Claire Werner, Chloe Jones


JD Silver Medalists:
JD1: Finlee Sharpe, Brooklyn O'Day
JD2: Amelia Sharp, Lila Stewart, Presley Deck


Regina Diving Club 2016 Awards 



And the winner are!

TOP MALE DIVER:                   Bjorn Markentin
TOP FEMALE DIVER:              Alyssa Clairmont
MOST IMPROVED DIVER:     Claire Werner
MOST DEDICATED DIVER:   Kelsey Clairmont
TOP NOVICE MALE:               Jesse Fischer
TOP NOVICE FEMALE:          Mackenzie Schmidt
TOP JD FEMALE:                    Brooklyn O’Day
TOP J DMALE:                         Alexander Potts
MOST IMPROVED JD:           Peyton Probe
BEST WIPE OUT:                    Kayla Mckenzie

Regina Diving Club Awards Banquet



Join us as we celebrate the successes of our divers at the Regina Diving Club.

Where:  St James United Church, 4506 Sherwood Dr, Regina
Cost:     RDC Divers - Free
              Adults - $10
              Children (siblings of divers) - $5
              Children 6 and under - free
Date:    October 2, 2016

Time:    5:00 pm

Mom, Dad and siblings are welcome!  This banquet is an opportunity for our athletes to shine after working so hard this past season!


If you're new to the club this is a great time to meet other parents and see what we're all about!   

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