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Regina Diving Club wins Team Awesome Award from Diving Canada

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Regina Diving Club (RDC) is proud to announce that it recently has won the prestigious Diving Canada Club of the Year - “Team Awesome” award, at the Annual General Meeting on January 26, 2019, in Ottawa Ontario. In competition with 52 other clubs across Canada, this prestigious award is based on year over year growth in both numbers of divers and overall performance of the athletes. Additionally, the award recognizes positive club and coach development.

RDC has consistently been on a growth trajectory in all categories since 2010 when Laura Desautels was appointed Head Coach with Jana Klein as Assistant Head Coach. Over the last 10 years the Club has doubled in size and tripled the number of athletes that dive on its Competitive Team. In 2018, 21 divers qualified to attend the National Championships; a significant increase from the 3 divers that qualified in 2009. Furthermore, RDC also won four medals at Junior Nationals in 2018 and eight athletes were invited to attend high performance training camps. At the provincial level, RDC won Club of the Year, Top Novice Team and Top Age Group Team.

Coaching development is also a high priority for the Club. Both Laura and Jana are former RDC National level divers and they are honored to mentor future generations of coaches and athletes that can hail from the Tumble Bugs to Competitive to the Masters programs.

 "Receiving this award confirms that all of our hard work has paid off over the last 9 years. We had a vision of growth, structure and team work which we have accomplished, and has led to the success we have today. We are very honoured to receive this award", stated Head Coach Laura Desautels.

This award comes at a pivotal time for aquatics in Regina, as indoor pools in the city are at capacity and have been for several years. Regina and Southern Saskatchewan residents have been under served for some time.  Current aquatic facilities in Regina also do not meet national competition requirements, and as a result are not conducive to attracting national and international events. The Regina Aquatic Foundation (RAF), of which RDC is a member, is urging City Council to immediately take vital steps in investing in essential infrastructure that is needed to put Indoor Aquatics at a level playing field with the rest of the country. 

RDC looks at the future of aquatics in the Queen City optimistically; With proper investment and strategic implementation the potential for our region to continue to produce higher caliber athletes will continue to flourish.

We congratulate the Regina Diving Club on receiving this award, and look forward to continuing to build a strong, sustainable program for generations to come.

For more information please contact:

The Regina Diving Club

Laura Desautels

Head Coach

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